Amy Spade Silverman, LA Fellows, Cohort 7

A World Fit For Kids! is extremely grateful for the partnership with LA Fellows. The program is an outstanding vehicle for not only empowering job seekers but for also giving back to communities through the 100 hour volunteering commitment to nonprofits. We have been fortunate enough to host a number of LA fellows throughout the years that have contributed to our organization with their professional expertise and meaningful projects ranging from writing and obtaining grants to social media strategies and expansion. We have former LA Fellows who are now employed full time, part time, or on a contractual basis for us thanks to the introductions made through this program.  When funding for positions or projects are challenging, you can count on LA Fellows for relief.  THANK YOU to the staff, instructors, and most importantly the participants.

                                                                                       - - Hovik Kasamanyan
                                                                                            Director of Operations
                                                                                            A World Fit For Kids!
                                                                                            A World Fit For Kids!

“Being a part of the LA Fellows program as a non-profit has been so rewarding so far, and I so appreciate your program, participants, and how you’re helping the community. I hope that we get to work with you in the future as well.”

                                                                                       - - Janell Pomeroy
                                                                                            Senior Logistics Manager
                                                                                            National Multiple Sclerosis Society


“We are so incredibly grateful for the support of our LA Fellows. The previous two volunteers helped us tremendously with programs and development. Our current LA Fellows are also sharp and committed to their tasks, and assisting with our programs and social media. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job of preparing them for the nonprofit industry!”

                                                                                       - - Jill Gurr
                                                                                            Founder and Executive Director
                                                                                            Create Now

“We have had an amazing experience with the LA Fellows program. Charlene, Richard, and Bertha, have been wonderful! They are such dedicated and inspiring individuals- they presented to all of our staff last night - - they did an incredible job of sharing their progress on the program development project and soliciting feedback in order to make improvements.

"We would love to continue participating in the program- and would appreciate any other wonderful volunteers from your next cohort!”

                                                                                       - - Amy Jane Griffiths, PhD
                                                                                            Director of Advance LA
                                                                                            The Help Group

“Embracing in full the Fellows program protocols and the program and the supportive staff, made the difference in my job search, my landing success and my life."

                                                                                       - - Terry Scott-Mitchell
                                                                                            LA Fellows
                                                                                            Cohort 9

“I learned that networking is key to keeping a healthy mindset. I have been kicked out of the stagnation phase that my previous job search methods created."
                                                                                       - - Arturo B. Olivas, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“LA Fellows is amazing because it allows me to give as much as I receive. The volunteer component allows me to develop new skills while making meaningful contributions to the community at large."
                                                                                       - - Camille Stewart, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“I’ve learned that even though I am unemployed I shouldn't downplay or disregard my former skills -- that I am still marketable and have things to contribute to the working world."
                                                                                       - - Robin Wright, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“This has been the most rewarding experience in my professional life."
                                                                                       - - Milla Colic, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“LA Fellows gave me confidence so that I lost that sense of desperation that often characterizes older job seekers. It worked and I landed the job I wanted!"
                                                                                       - - Bryna S. Fischer, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“LA Fellows has given me the encouragement to stay positive and focused on reaching my goal."
                                                                                       - - Joan R. Gustafson, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“The information on nonprofits and grant writing has inspired me to pursue starting my own nonprofit."
                                                                                       - - Gerald Dean Johnson, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“The L.A. Fellows program brings the best teachers and career coaches to fill a desperate need among job seekers."
                                                                                       - - Roberto J. Montgomerie, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

“Networking used to be a very scary term, especially for a homebody like me. Now I realize you never know who you will meet or what you will get from networking."
                                                                                       - - Gigi Nang, LA Fellows, Cohort 5

"The LA Fellows program gave me the knowledge, confidence and motivation to move forward with my job search. I would have never interviewed for the Legal Analyst position I'm currently in at my company if it wasn't for the skills and awareness I developed over the course of the seven weeks of training. I know I would have eventually found a job without having been part of LA Fellows, but the process moved much smoother and my time was better spent once I was able to focus on the tools I needed to land the job I wanted. For the first time I felt that I was in control of where I was going rather than following wherever my job search led me. The kicker is that I enjoyed every minute of the learning and being around my colleagues. My unemployment experience went from headaches and loneliness to self-empowerment and camaraderie. As an LA Fellow, I was no longer alone."

                                                                                       - - Diana Rado, LA Fellows, Cohort 1  

"The LA Fellows Program is a superior pay-it forward program. We received extremely capable executive level volunteers that were nothing short of excellent!"

                                                                                       - - Jennifer Sanderson, Director, Coalition of Asian                                                                                             Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)

“Thank you again for sendnig such a delightful LA Fellows' participant our way. We enjoyed getting to know Michele and appreciated all the professional help she provided to our organization.  

                                                                                       - - Diane Thorsell, Chief Financial Officer

“With my journalistic skills of research and writing and my LA Fellows training in nonprofit management and funding, I think I can make a difference in the nonprofit sector. I look forward to my new career.” 

                                                                                       - - Jo Ellen Krumm, LA Fellow, Cohort 1 

“As the labor markets, personnel practices and employer expectations change, it is helpful to update one’s understanding of the trends and habits of the current job market. While investigating new directions and opportunities, I was grateful to find Los Angeles Valley College was offering the L.A. Fellows Program with encyclopedic training from active professionals, coaches and consultants who are currently active in the field.”

                                                                                       - - Robert Dilley, LA Fellow, Cohort

“I am happy to say that I have received the job offer that I wanted from the healthcare company that I have been targeting. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the LA Fellows program because I can say that it was this program that has re-energized me, and motivated me to believe in continuing to pursue the career that I really wanted. It gave me the right career coaching, which strengthened my belief that I could achieve my career goals of transitioning from advertising/publishing to healthcare. It was also through my association with all the tremendously talented individuals in the program, who have so generously assisted in encouraging me along the way. To all of them, I say thank you for being part of my journey.”

                                                                                       - - Patrice Alvey, LA Fellow, Cohort 1

“I want to thank our instructors for sharing their wisdom with me.  You have each empowered me to become stronger and to take a proactive role in my job search. I now know who I am, what my values are, and, in the words of one of our instructors, ‘what my business would be.’   I’m encouraged to keep moving forward.”

                                                                                       - - Kimberly James, LA Fellow, Cohort 1

“The number one item that I walk away with is a new found confidence. This experience allowed me to reacquaint myself with my strengths and also to recognize the manner in which I should present myself. That realization provided me with the confidence to move forward and be successful. As we were taught......We were successful before, we will be successful again. If that success does not arrive on our first attempt - SO WHAT! Keep moving forward - there is an opportunity awaiting each of us. I am a better person because of this experience and the program has positively changed my life. I am proud to be an LA Fellow!”

                                                                                       - - Christine Stenberg, LA Fellow, Cohort 1

“I got a job thanks to LA Fellows! During training, there was a job fair at LA Valley College. The valuable training we received in the LA Fellows program focused on the importance of networking, what to say, and how to say it with confidence. With the support of LA Fellows, I was able to do this more successfully at that job fair than I ever had before. A recruiter from the fair hired me as a temp-to-perm Bankruptcy Specialist at Bank of America.”

                                                                                       - - Ara Easley, LA Fellows, Cohort 1

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